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Chip is like

Chip is like that kid, like the five-year-old kid that’s trying to make his mom breakfast, and there’s milk everywhere. Angelina Jolie

I always tell

I always tell my mom that if she would have just bought me a Barbie when I was little, I would have gone into real estate. Billie Holiday

I’d go to,

I’d go to, like, six different schools in one year. We were on welfare, and my mom never ever worked. Charles Barkley

I snap with

I snap with my mom. It was a great way for me to see my dog when I was in college. We send selfies, too. Joely Fisher

I would go

I would go to sleep with headphones on. My mom and pop – they would have music loud enough to shake the walls. Mac Miller

Moms can be

Moms can be fresh, fly and young, and that’s the kind of mom I want to be. Michael Jackson