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As for those

As for those grapefruit and buttermilk diets, I’ll take roast chicken and dumplings. Ariana Grande

For me, it’s

For me, it’s all about moderation. I don’t kick things out of my diet, like carbs. But I’m not going to eat fast food. Chrissy Teigen

I am a

I am a pure vegetarian, and I’m much healthier compared to those who live on a non-veg diet. Dolly Parton

I do binge

I do binge once a week. Otherwise, I keep strict control over my diet. Unlike others, I don’t stop eating once I start. Fritz Sauckel

If I had

If I had to describe my diet in one word, it would be ‘colorful.’ I always think about adding color to the plate. Jenna Johnson

If you’re feeling

If you’re feeling frumpy or grumpy, try to eat Paleo. It’s a way of eating that is sometimes referred to as the ‘Caveman Diet.’ Joanna Coles

I have tried

I have tried every diet to lose weight. When you restrict yourself, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Justice Smith